The Untouchable DJ Drastic Street Heaters: "(G.C. & Soul Mafia) Soul Mafia feat. Joe Budden – All I Need Remix (Clean Promo)"

The Untouchable DJ Drastic cosigns on Soul Mafia’s newest emphasis track entitled “All I Need.” This is the remix featuring Joe Budden! The Untouchable DJ Drastic stated, “I know these gentlemen personally & not only is their music all original, they play all of their instruments live! Eclectic and immensely talented, support these artists.”


Artist(s): (G.C. & Soul Mafia) Soul Mafia feat. Joe Budden
Song Title: All I Need Remix (Clean Promo)
Album Title: TBA

Producer(s): Soul Mafia

Label: N/A
Copyright: ©2010 N/A

“All I Need Remix” (Clean Promo)
Song Length: 4:01
Genres: Soul
Format: MP3 (320 KBPS / 41.1K)
Notes: For Promotional Use Only


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