09.24.09 – 09.27.09 The Untouchable DJ Drastic & The BumSquad DJz Worldwide Invade Las Vegas, Nevada!

Thursday September 24th, 2009 – Sunday September 27th, 2009

The Untouchable DJ Drastic & The BumSquad DJz Worldwide Invade Las Vegas, Nevada!

The number one DJ collective in the urban music industry, The BumSquad DJz Worldwide (includes DJ Latin Prince, Untouchable DJ Drastic, DJ Bigg Mann, Box Kev, Phat Phillie, DJ Skee, DJ Nina 9, DJ Bombai, DJ E-Flexx, Eddie Deville, DJ Hideo, and many more) invade Las Vegas, Nevada for their exclusive invite-only conference & reunion. The BumSquad DJz Worldwide are a university of premiere artists, disc jockeys, & music industry professionals. The events will play host to over two hundred and fifty of the world’s top artists, entertainers, mix show disc jockeys, mix tape disc jockeys, nightclub disc jockeys, music directors, program directors, & on-air personalities; coming together to catch up on what’s hot in music’s ever-growing backyard. Whether it is exclusive music, the first visuals of clothing, equipment, and/or the latest industry trends, the gathering serves as an opportunity for those who cherish their careers to obtain an up close and personal look at ways to better their position within the business.

The BumSquad DJz Worldwide are a collective focused on breaking new music as the industry’s number one tastemakers; sharing the music with other disc jockeys and consumers worldwide. Every major record label in the business has hosted and/or will host a variety of events and/or parties for The BumSquad DJz Worldwide. This includes suites from EMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, its subsidiaries, and many more. Disc jockeys are treated to workshops and listening suites pertaining to finance, new music, and/or how to operate the latest DJ technology. World-renowned artists will perform for the DJs as Las Vegas embraces The BumSquad DJz Worldwide in full-effect.

Event Attendees (Invite-Only Conference)

• 250+ Artists, Entertainers, Mix Show, Mix Tape, & Nightclub Disc Jockeys, Music Directors, Program Directors, and On-Air Personalities
• Top Major Record Label Executives
• Major & Independent Recording Artists
• Media
• Special Guests
• Business Opportunists

Branding Opportunities For Businesses Include:

• Exclusive Premiere Engagements & Launch Parties
• Co-Branding Opportunities
• Exposure on the World Wide Web via AllHipHop.com, BumSquad DJz.com, JellyRadio.com, MySpace.com, SkeeTV.com, and many more
• One-On-One Interaction w/ The World’s Top Disc Jockeys
• Showcases
• Sponsorships and/or Endorsements
• Exclusive Event Hosting
• Live World Wide Web, Satellite, and/or Commercial Radio Broadcasts
• Local and/or National Cable Television Coverage
• Live Internet Streaming
• Online Ad Campaigning via XXL.com, TheSource.com, SOHH.com, and many more

For all professional inquiries, exclusive industry invites, and/or full itineraries, e-mail TCNManagementGroup@gmail.com

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