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The Untouchable DJ Drastic Classic Throwbacks: “New Kids On The Block – Merry, Merry Christmas (Edited)”

December 28, 2008

Last week, I watched The Untouchable DJ Drastic burn through a ton of holiday records. My favorite record that he played was, “Funky Funky X-Mas” by New Kids On The Block. As versatile as he is, I don’t think that I have ever heard a DJ cut up New Kids On The Block. We got into conversation and I started to laugh because he told me how he remembered, “This One’s For The Children” as his favorite from the 1989 holiday album. Drastic asked me to personally add the album to his official blog as a special holiday treat for all DJs.


Artist(s): New Kids On The Block
Album Title: Merry, Merry Christmas (Edited)

Label: Columbia/Legacy Recordings
Copyright: ©1989 Columbia/Legacy Recordings

Genres: Pop
Format: MP3 (192 KBPS / 41.1K) Edited Version(s)
Notes: For Promotional Use Only


The Untouchable DJ Drastic Live Mixshow Broadcast | Oxford’s FM107.9 United Kingdom (December 26th, 2008 | Boxing Day) Exclusive Audio/Video Recap

December 27, 2008

An exclusive video file of The Untouchable DJ Drastic mixing live on-air during a special Boxing Day broadcast on Oxford’s FM107.9 in the United Kingdom. DJ Mark Devlin of The Coalition Network presents “The Urban Top 40 of ‘08” with special guest, The Untouchable DJ Drastic live in-studio. Audio commentary is not included in this video file. This is a high quality version of The Untouchable DJ Drastic’s live set only as aired on 12.26.08.

MP3 Download Link (320KBS):
Website: | Presents The Untouchable DJ Drastic Guaranteed Live @ EDEN (New York)

December 18, 2008 Presents The Untouchable DJ Drastic Guaranteed Live
@ EDEN New York (New Years Eve)

On December 31, 2008 celebrate New Years Eve with The Untouchable DJ Drastic guaranteed live at EDEN. Just announced, The Untouchable DJ Drastic is back by popular demand. Enjoy eight hours of premium top shelf open bar, hors d’ouevres, party favors, free giveaways, and a champagne toast at New York’s only 18 and over New Years Eve celebration. Join the trendiest and most energetic crowd that New York has to offer as we ring in 2009 in the appropriate fashion.

Location: EDEN (27 Park Place NY, NY 10013)
Age: 18+ To Party | 21+ To Drink
Doors: 8:00PM – 4:00AM | Dress Code: Proper Attire

Hosted & Music By “NYC’s Heat,” The Untouchable DJ Drastic
6 Hour Guaranteed Live Set In New York City

Opening DJ Set: Introducing, DJ ELO

8 Hours Premium Top Shelf Open Bar & Served Hors D’ouevres
Free Giveaways from Warner Bros. Records & More All Night Long

Tickets Are Almost Sold Out! Purchase Yours Now At |

Call The Untouchable DJ Drastic Courtesy of @ (718) 354-8774
Follow The Untouchable DJ Drastic on (

The Untouchable DJ Drastic Sends His Prayers In Support of Laura Garza (Volunteers Are Needed For Search In Walkill, New York & Surrounding Areas)

December 14, 2008

The Untouchable DJ Drastic Sends His Prayers In Support of Laura Garza (Volunteers Are Needed For Search In Walkill, New York & Surrounding Areas)

Individuals working with the family of Laura Garza are requesting volunteers to assist in the search for Ms. Garza who has been missing since December 03rd, 2008. Laura who is originally from McAllen, Texas resided in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge while in New York. The Untouchable DJ Drastic who is originally from the area said in a statement, “My prayers are with the family of Laura in hopes that she is found safe and sound. It is an atrocity that the family and friends of such a beautiful person be subjected to a drama of this nature.”

Laura Garza was last seen on the morning of December 03rd, 2008 leaving the nightclub Marquee in Manhattan’s Chelsea area.

The family of Laura Garza and the Wallkill Police Department are requesting additional volunteers to assist in the search. A gathering will take place tomorrow (12.14.08) between 10:00AM and 11:00AM at the Wallkill Police Department. The organizers prefer to meet in a specific location and can be followed to the designated search areas.

If Laura is not found on 12.14.08, please use the information below to inquire regarding forthcoming search details.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact:
Phone: (347) 653-9565 | E-Mail:

If you have any information, know of the whereabouts, and/or see Laura Garza contact:
Jan Golding @ (845) 344-5300


Laura Garza Disappearance Initial Event Timeline:
• December 02nd, 2008: Laura Garza goes to Marquee in New York.

• December 03rd, 2008:
1:13AM: Laura makes a phone call
4:00AM: Garza and Michael Mele are seen on video surveillance leaving the nightclub.
5:00AM: Garza, Mele, and a man identified in court papers as an “informant” arrive at the Newburgh Mall McDonald’s. The unidentified man (a passenger in Mele’s Infiniti SUV) leaves. He sees Garza kiss Mele and laugh.

• December 04th 2008:
1:00PM: Mele calls informant to ask if anyone, like the police, have called to ask about the girl that night. When the informant asks why, Mele says it’s because she’s been reported missing.
9:20PM: A friend of Garza’s reports Laura missing.

• December 05th, 2008:
Unknown Time: Mele contacts the informant and says he can’t talk to him anymore about the missing woman.
Unknown Time: Mele turns himself into police on a probation violation. He is held at Rockland County Jail.
11:00PM: Police and the informant go to Mele’s apartment and notice even cuts of carpet missing.

• December 06th, 2008:
Police search Mele’s apartment in addition to his SUV. A search is also conducted throughout grassy areas along I-84 between Newburgh and Middletown for clues about Garza’s disappearance. A Newburgh town justice grants a prosecutor’s request for police to take photos of Mele naked after a Newburgh town detective observed what appeared to be a bite mark on Mele’s finger and scratches on his back and shoulder.


Michael Mele’s Arrest Records:
• Michael Mele Clarkstown Arrest Record

• Michael Mele Newburgh Arrest Record

• Michael Mele Rockland Arrest Record Part 1

• Michael Mele Rockland Arrest Record Part 2

Press Release: The Untouchable DJ Drastic Disputes and Wikimedia Foundation

December 11, 2008

Press Release: The Untouchable DJ Drastic Disputes and Wikimedia Foundation


Marissa Gutierrez
The Coalition Network (TCN²) Management Group
New York, NY, 10001
Phone (718) 415-3328

The Untouchable DJ Drastic, a well-known United States DJ and music industry professional is notable for quite a few reasons. We recently challenged Wikimedia Foundation editors to properly edit The Untouchable DJ Drastic’s page on the website, The page has been vandalized on numerous occasions providing inaccurate content in addition to implementing promotion and/or conduct that is unauthorized by the Wikimedia Foundation. The page has since been removed.

We found it interesting that, a community of user contributed encyclopedic entries maliciously removed our client’s name from the entire website. This includes professional companies, entities, and outlets in which his information is rightfully placed.

An e-mail statement from The Untouchable DJ Drastic who is currently in Dubai on professional hiatus for the holidays reads, “If I’m correct, Wikipedia is a small company of about 10 – 50 employees. They’re a non-profit organization. How would it look for me to debate with a non-profit organization? I do as much as I can for charities. If Wikipedia is looking for a donation, this isn’t the best way to obtain one. I respect the concept that the website provides a mean for people to resource information. I’m not a member of their community. My management team executes certain updates which in my eyes, rightfully should because that’s their job. I don’t know of the technicalities nor are they responsible for all of the edits on the page. The last time that I checked, Wikimedia Foundation has not cut me any checks for my information to be made available on their websites. I prefer for my name not to be used within their community unless added at my personal request. If the non-profit organization would like reference letters on company letterhead acknowledging my positions amongst these companies and/or outlets, they are readily available upon request. Mari as my assistant advised me that the article is valid under certain guidelines but was deleted. If it wasn’t for her being nervous that she would lose her job, I would have ignored the issue one hundred times over. The cyber world is tricky because for all I know someone is simply attempting to depreciate my professional credibility to the rest of the world. If I felt this was a serious issue, I would get in contact with Jimmy Wales personally.”

Wikimedia Foundation has been the subject of multiple lawsuits in recent years regarding the severity of having unauthorized information available on their websites. The company operates out of San Francisco, California and can be contacted at (415) 839-6885.

For more information regarding The Untouchable DJ Drastic contact Marissa Gutierrez of The Coalition Network (TCN²) Management Group via e-mail: Exclusive | In-Depth Interview: "New York City’s Heat," The Untouchable DJ Drastic

December 11, 2008 Exclusive | In-Depth Interview: “New York City’s Heat,” The Untouchable DJ Drastic
Earlier this week, I finally got an opportunity to interview one of Brooklyn’s finest, The Untouchable DJ Drastic. This is something that I’ve been trying to do for close to a year now.

As I sat in a white Cadillac Escalade, The Untouchable DJ Drastic began to play tracks for me from MIMS’ forthcoming album. He told me that he wanted my general opinion of the songs.

The first song played was “Therapy” produced by Pharrell of The Neptunes followed by “Barock Star” then “Move” which I’ve heard in recent months. He then made me shut off my tape recorder as he played two tracks that I’ve never heard before; one being an untitled freestyle and the other was, “The World Is Mine.” I began to smile when I heard these records because Drastic erupted with energy. He said that the records were amongst his favorites. I personally thought that both of the records were club bangers.

He continued to play exclusive material from reggae group T.O.K. and others for my opinion. He advised me that he was pressed for time at which point he ignited a blunt and we engaged in our interview.

01. When did your career as a DJ begin?

“I’ve been on the scene since 2001. I moved under the radar for many years. A lot of individuals didn’t embrace me. In fact, they threw so many obstacles in my path that I had to create my own lane.”

02. How did you get your name, “The Untouchable DJ Drastic”?

“Before I was DJ Drastic, I was just Drastic. My first name is Daniel. A lot of the time people would call me Danny Drastic which I couldn’t stand because it sounded so lame. Some people still think that’s my last name (laughs). Drastic is a reflection of my overall demeanor. The Untouchable is a reflection of my mental state as far as possessing the capability to block people out of my mind. I’ve had very little sincerity or support growing up so anything that I’ve achieved I had to fight for in this world. It definitely defined me as a person both personally and professionally.”

03. How has the business impacted your life?

“The business has definitely changed me as person. I’m still not sure if it’s for better or worse. It’s difficult because I’m learning everything hands on. I never had a father to teach me how to play basketball or ride a bike. I taught myself these things. In the business, I feel the same way. I’m fortunate to be business savvy. This propelled me more than any other characteristic within me outside of my actual talent over the years.

When you’re in the entertainment or music business, an awkward type of jealousy and hate can develop in certain people around you. Sometimes it’s disguised as an excessive amount of support. I knew that these situations existed although I didn’t expect to see it within my immediate circle. I’ve learned over the years to keep relationships simple. A lot of the time people say that I’m arrogant but that’s not the case. They haven’t walked in my shoes to understand where I’m coming from as a whole. People think that it’s fun and games to be in this field but most of time I’m miserable doing what I love, if that makes any sense. It goes way beyond fame or money. Me personally, the lack of sincerity eats at me inside. I’m a very genuine person so to have to deal with people that are not like me constantly, it’s a stretch. Honestly, not everyone is malicious some just might not know any better.

If I had ten lifetimes to live, I would stop and analyze every single person and their issues. Unfortunately, I only live one lifetime which is my own. So I try my best to help people but life doesn’t stop for the next person especially if it’s not vice-versa when it comes to me.”

4. What initially influenced you to become a DJ?

“I was discovered in 2000 by a group of nightlife promoters in New York as an emcee. At the time, I was working with a few different individuals locally. I would go to the studio and I felt uncomfortable for whatever reason. I had an offer but at that point of my life I didn’t have the passion to really move forward and act on certain opportunities as an emcee. I knew I loved the music. I just felt like everyone around me was trying to do what it was that I was trying to do. I didn’t have any guidance so I was afraid to be caught up in a bad situation.

At the time, I had some side hustles and saved some money. I took myself down to Fulton Street in Brooklyn and purchased DJ equipment. It wasn’t anything fancy although it enabled me the platform to mold my style as an entertainer.

The culture as a whole was the influence. I come from the last real generation of Hip Hop music. I used to be up in Fat Beats and all the records stores religiously. People didn’t know who I was but I was there. I’m real, a product of the four elements. Most of the DJs after the year 2000, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t even know what the four elements were and they’re playing rap genre in these nightclubs.”

5. Do you provide services for any companies exclusively?

“I work with quite a few companies. I’m a multi-faceted professional. I have an eclectic assortment of clients. Pnina Tornai recently hired me to structure soundtracks for their fashion shows which is a stretch from my usual dealings. I’m not here to promote any outlets although all of my clients know that I am efficient and professional in all of my services. I’m always looking to expand my portfolio. Feel free to contact my management ( with any inquiries.”

6. How do you feel about the mobile DJ business and/or private engagements?

“I’m a true entertainer. I embrace society as a whole. I love to perform for any individual that enjoys a performance by The Untouchable DJ Drastic. I’ve done the high-end Super Sweet 16 thing and I have a great time. People love it when I come to their modest environment and I still have the same energy as if I was in an arena. As a DJ, I consider myself multi-faceted. You get the same performance from me whether there are 10 or 10,000 people.”

7. What makes you better than the competition?

“I’m very competitive but I try refrain from giving myself a heart attack. I view other industry professionals as my peers. I have the utmost respect for their contributions to the business as I hope they would for my own. As far a generic disc jockey, they’re not competition to me. I’m in the belly of the beast. I don’t have respect for individuals that are part-time or are in the quote-unquote business for the wrong reasons. I can respect one’s passion for the craft but it’s difficult for me to respect them as professionals.”

8. What’s on the horizon for you?

“I’m getting ready to go to back to the United Kingdom to represent what I do in a major way. I’m going to be blasting off on Oxygen FM107.9 on the 26th of December. I’m also going to do a club run. I’ll be back in the states for New Years Eve. The American King Music family has a brand new MIMS album on the way. The single right now is “Move” and it’s bubbling on radio. I just finished shooting scenes for a new movie called, “Monkey Gang.” It’s hilarious and that’ll be out next year. I’m also in the studio working on an album in addition to a new project with The Grind Kings set to be released next year. I would definitely like to shoot a music video mid-2009 as well. I recently signed a contract to produce comedy sketches for DAPS ( and that’ll be out mid-2009. I also have an apparel line and a liquor to endorse next year. Other than that, I plan on staying in the clubs and continuing to impact radio on my mission to find my ideal outlet and/or comfort zone professionally.

I always say that I’m one man doing the job of twenty in the lifetime of one. My personal goal is to find a good woman, get married, have a daughter, take care of my mother, and continue to focus on my career. We’re in exceptional times as a country. I don’t come from much therefore I never take for granted what I have and/or how fast it can be taken away even on my best day.

Thank you to NightlifeInNYC for holding me down and constantly supporting me as a professional. Y’all blog look like it was made just for me. I respect that. Real; Respect; Real.”

-Interview: “Big Mo” (

Adapted From

ATTN: The Untouchable DJ Drastic Broadcasts Exclusive Mix Show On (New Years Eve 2009 & New Years Day 2009)

December 10, 2008

The Untouchable DJ Drastic Broadcasts Exclusive Mix Show On (New Years Eve 2009 & New Years Day 2009)

New Years Eve December 31st, 2008 | New Years Day January 01st, 2009

Website URL: hosts a special 48 hour mix master broadcast to ring in 2009. Jelly Radio is a 24 hour urban radio station that currently broadcasts online. The station also broadcasts via Apple iTunes and Nullsoft SHOUTcast Radio. Apple iPod and Sony PSP users can also tune into the station directly from their devices. The Untouchable DJ Drastic provides exclusive mix show content for the celebration. Check your local listings for broadcast dates and times.

Call The Untouchable DJ Drastic courtesy of @ (718) 354-8774 or go to

The Untouchable DJ Drastic Street Heaters: "Busta Rhymes feat. Ron Browz – A-Class Money (Edited Version)"

December 10, 2008

Tuesday morning in New York City, The Untouchable DJ Drastic aired out “Busta Rhymes feat. Ron Browz – A-Class Money” on 90.3FM WHCR during his mix show broadcast. After receiving numerous requests over the last 24 hours for the revised radio version, here it is!

This one is for the Arab people offended by the original version, “Arab Money”


Artist(s): Busta Rhymes feat. Ron Browz
Song Title: A-Class Money (Edited Version)
Album Title: Back On My B.S.

Producer: Ron Browz

Label: Universal Motown
Copyright: ©2008 Universal Motown

Song Length: 2:48
Genres: Rap & Hip Hop
Format: MP3 (192 KBPS / 41.1K) Edited Version
Notes: For Promotional Use Only


The Untouchable DJ Drastic Remembers Rapper "Party Arty" (Rest In Peace, "Party Arty" A.K.A. "P. 80")

December 5, 2008

The Untouchable DJ Drastic would like to send his deepest condolences to the family of Bronx rapper, “Party Arty” who passed away yesterday (12.04.08) around 1:30PM due to unspecified health complications.

Party Arty is best known as a member of the “Ghetto Dwellas.” He is an affiliate of rappers Showbiz and A.G. in addition to the rap group, D.I.T.C. (Diggin’ In The Crates Crew). He has worked with numerous artists within the industry including Jay-Z, Gangstarr, and many more. He has also worked with producers such as DJ Premier, Madlib, and many more.

Although he was never able to finalize a major recording contract, Party Arty still managed to influence the New York underground rap circuit and obtained international recognition. He recently returned from a European tour with rapper, A.G.

A popular guest appearance was on Big L’s “Da Graveyard” which also featured Grand Daddy I.U., Jay-Z, Lord Finesse, Microphone Nut, and Y.U. from the album “Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous” released in 1995.

Born and raised in the Mott Haven Projects (South Bronx, NY), he will be missed by those that embraced him in addition to his music. Rest In Peace, P. 80.

Funeral information will follow.

12.31.08 The Untouchable DJ Drastic Guaranteed Live New Years Eve 2009 | Promotional Video (

December 5, 2008

12.31.08 The Untouchable DJ Drastic Guaranteed Live New Years Eve 2009 | Promotional Video (

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