The Untouchable DJ Drastic Rocks NYC’s Plumm Nightclub w/ Fame’s Allure & Surprise Guest Che’Nelle

The Untouchable DJ Drastic Rocks NYC’s Plumm Nightclub w/ Fame’s Allure & Surprise Guest Che’Nelle

This past weekend (08.02.08), DAPS’s own Untouchable DJ Drastic rocked New York City’s Plumm nightclub. The crowd went home happy at this highly anticipated appearance date. As the Fame’s Allure fashion show experienced technical difficulties through the early parts of the evening, The Untouchable DJ Drastic seemed relatively unaffected burning through record after record. He presented an eclectic mix of party tunes to a room full of fashion enthusiasts.

Once the technical issues were rectified, the show went on as planned. The Untouchable DJ Drastic continued to mix seamlessly throughout the actual fashion showcase. DAPS was able to obtain some exclusive footage.

The fashion line’s creators took the floor late in the night to present their concluding speeches. A big surprise came about prior to the event’s conclusion. The Untouchable DJ Drastic introduced EMI recording artist Che’Nelle to the crowd. She went on to freestyle, displaying her vocal ability and range; she even went on to sing an acapella version of “I Fell In Love With DJ Drastic.” A dub version of her popular single, “I Fell In Love With The DJ Remix” which features Jamaican reggae star Baby Cham.

The Untouchable DJ Drastic does it again! Exclusive images and video footage to follow.
Make sure to be on the lookout for DAPS’ forthcoming content featuring The Untouchable DJ Drastic.

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